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Buddha's Digital Dance, Page 0
Buddha's Digital Dance

Copyright (C) 1998 Atsuro Seto< > All Rights Reserved.
This essay was written for a CD-ROM magazine "Dimension Five"<http://www.dimensionfive.com/>
produced by GraTex International, Slovakia <http://www.gratex.sk/>
This essay may not be copied, published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed in any form without permission.

This picture from the CD-ROM: "Dimension Five"

    Buddhists dance on the interdependent nature of this phenomenal universe (Skt. pratityasamutpada, dependent arising). While computers compartmentalise bits of information as discreet objects, a kind of "objectism", dance with objects, if you will. This grand assemblage of electronic "objects" is represented by so many graphic illusions- icons, menus, charts, etc. Computer intelligence is practically the antithesis of Shakyamuni Buddha's notion of pratityasamutpada, or dependent arising. From one perspective, the computer universe is about as idolatrous a creation as one could possibly imagine. It is merely a collection of fictitious icons swimming in a Black Box. I imagine, instead, a new type of art form, a post-religious, post-computer art that incorporates the best of both worlds. Any ordinary computer today is little more than a very complicated tape recorder, but the network changes that. Networking individuals to individuals may be in its infancy now, but it demonstrates a thrilling potential for, at least, one possible future. The network of humanity suggests a new dynamic, interactive imagination, a sum greater than the individual parts that make it up. Ultimately, this planetary imagination need not have shape, need not have a name. Individuals could break away from their stilted obeisance to the altar-like display and, perhaps, achieve a new evolutionary plateau.

Atsuro Seto (a Buddhist artist, Japanese)



I am grateful for the help of my Buddhist friend, Mr H. R. Downs
who kindly took the trouble to read the draft, correct my English.
Moreover, he generously gave me many many ideas and inspirations.
Finally it became a kind of collaboration with him in writing.

Here his beautiful art site: