Art sent to Japan in 2011
an art show of human triumph

after the quake, tsunami, nuclear falling, etc..


Call for Contributors.
There I am going to open a collaborative art space for saving earth, in this critical timing.
My intention under the hat is actually, (Stop Japanese child play on the earth!)
But I won't mention it any more. I'd like to welcome anybody on any side.
I'll be glad if you lead fellows to this site with your own wording.

Example achievements I did with some of you:

So please prepare
your 2D 3D art, photo, video, music, poem, etc., to send me or show me the URL.
From late-Apr 2011 through... maybe almost permanently I'll hold.
I also plan to show them off on the real field. Still everything in vague.

Atsuro Seto
webmaster @ distant-earth dot org

On The Web
International Buddhist Art Festival '99
the Theme: Bodhichitta
Public Contribution is Sought.


Title: Buddha's Analogue Dance

Image Size:
50KB or less each.
(Send your images in any size and I shrink.)

Your name: Astro Seth '99
Your E-mail address:
Your URL if you have: Buddha's Digital Dance

Any Message:
Hello everyone! Join now!!

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Thanks for your visiting.
The Buddhist Art Festival '98 is Over.

You are now in the Buddhist Art Festival '99!!

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Don't forget each art belongs to the artist.
When you touch, Do contact with the artist.

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