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URL:  http://www.sonic.net/~hrd


Hereメs another picture for the "Bodhicitta" Art exhibit.
I did the drawings and the computer art and a friend
named Tom Giansante  did the oil painted seascape.
On the right side of the picture is the head of the
Bodhisattva モlooking down on the world in compassion.ヤ
The Buddha (aniconically represented as a character)
emerges from the universe with a nagini princess below
who, rising from the ocean of the subconscious,
brings with her a wish-granting jewel to the surface.
All humanity emerges from the jewel (represented
by the famous Japanese model Yumemi), and,
rising in stages, evolves upward to the light above.

H.R.Downs and Tom Giansante
URL:  http://www.sonic.net/~hrd