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Synchronistic Art Explosion with What?

Collaborators and Linkers,
(from Atsuro)
Hi, hello! How are you doing?
Soon coming Spring will bring happiness in us.
Buddhist art festival (Jan.~Feb. '98)
in Tokyo taken real place
with long spell of fine free mood,
has finally come to the end.
Thanks for your collaborations and linking to our:
"International Buddhist Art Festival, '98" Click and Write to the Artists!!
(Don't delete your link to it!
I will hold it as it was,
if you allow me to keep it so.)
Hope you got many fun letters and business letters?!
Anyway it was the first exposure to the public eye for my art class attendances,
They got a fun anda brand-new perspective to the international cultural wave.
That's really wonderful.
I say again thank you, instead of them.
Indeed it was very rare and precious opportunity
to do such virtual jam of the Art on this web, new canvas.
I was always with you and your images,
very exciting!!
Along this collaborative festival's developing,
I have been thinking that,
How in the world we can make much better paradigm of the art than yesterdays'?
More directly appealing to the world
associating only with local gallery system
(Once I was working in a gallery in Osaka.
I think former colleague of mine cannot make such flexible networking
as Artists ourselves can make. )
more stimulus and charming and easier way
submitting to frozen art contests and competitions
( I've been out of selection all this time.
Who cares? Boring!! )
Now we can do
Paint ourselves on this Internet electric canvas directly!!
(Still a bit expensive and narrow presentation?!
Positively getting better and better.)
So with this very expanding canvas,
We can depict something stands out, more impressive, much brighter
We can be self-managing, self-networking Artistic Don Quixote with electric Sancho Panza against.....
never against any so easily.Wot!
I know
such opinion is not so new,
since it's growing up everywhere on this internet activity,
like a simultaneous civilization in the world of ancient times,
Exploding all at once go beyond critical point!
I have been inspired by instancing:
GNU concept or
my favourite musician
Robert Fripp's human artisitic rights concept: DGM,
and the Buddhists' impossible goodness "Bodhichitta" concept
and so on.
As for me,
I love the Art.
Everyone's life could be an art, I believe so.
And I have been a Japanese traditional Buddhist but not a good Buddhist.
Being In-between Buddhist insider and outsider.
I will keep my stance. To communicate with others normally,
Yes just to grope for the art of post-religions.
Here on the web, I want to construct an Artistic open space,
whatever you can call it and temporarily I call it
"Abstract Mandala Complex"
The name is nothing but my private declarations yet.
I would like you to visit my site
again and again
sometimes later,
and develop the concept merging with your own opinion.
It'll make us even,
all artists even,
at least, on this electric canvas.
So here,
I say again,
Thank you very much for your collaborations.
For now I can't pay-back anything for you, sorry.
And I just ask you to allow me to keep
your flower-like images on the Buddhist Art Festival pages,
I do always note your copyright
and keep permanent linking to your sites.
I know
sooner or later
I will have to consider
its financial aspect for gardening
with merit and demerit of contributor and mine
when their branches and roots expand to several directions.
For the time being,
Seems every seed you and I have sown is only potentially growing.
I don't know when the harvest comes?
I mean
you don't have to return any answer now.
if almost OK with me.
Just keep on sending me your art
in any style, any type.
I'll put it on
Abstract Mandala Complex
International Buddhist Art Festival
I'm writing this
neither with good consideration nor grammatical sense.
I should have said much earlier,
"You my fellow, Thank you very much. It's over and now starts again."
Time is the ocean
and I'm at the end at the eastern shore of.....
Don Quixote goes swiming on.

Send your Art, I'll put it on the page, ASAP.
You can communicate with the impressions of others. in very symbolical manner.
Seeking very you
and every artist in every country,
please join us with your art and music and poem etc.,
All acceptable but Shrink it less than 20KB in gif, jpg, mid, wav, au etc and a Symbolic Link to you
is just matching for this cozy site on!!
When you make something cute,
something wild,
something humourous,
Just Write me or Show me the URL.
Linking and I'll put it on!
To realize the Artistic freedom,
Give me your link, your time or space, or your programmable idea,
anyway anyhow, instead of wiring price.
By the way, How do you do with such Cracked Computer capitalism?"
Atsuro Seto Mar.'98

Activation of the Buddhist Art Festival '99 in Progress!!
Wait and Expect!
And please Prepare Your canvas for '99
''''''''till then
Voyagin' round the World Art Sites wiz us!
If you have comments or suggestions, email us at
"Come! Be present and Stay"