Order of Tibetan Painting
Painted by ATSURO All Rights Reserved.
Indigo Drawing on the White Canvas.
Tibetan Colours in Mortors
Deep Azurite ( mthing ) at the Zenith
Medium Blue ( sngo sang ) on the Sky
Shading the Horizon with pale Malachite Green ( spang si ).
Accumulating Dry Dot Shades
Deep Azurite ( mthing ) on the Head, Blue Nimbus, Lower Cloth
Malachite ( spang ) on Head Nimbus, Upper Cloth and Green Nature.
Cinnabar ( mtshal ) on Cloth, Pink ( na ros ) around Head Nimbus.
Orpiment ( ba bla ) on the Waist Belt, and Orche as Gold Ground.
Milky blue ( sngo se ) Wet shading on the Clouds
Scraping Rough Surface with Knife before the Detail Works.
Indigo ( rams ) outlining around Bluish shapes and Greenish shapes.
Lac dye ( gya tshos ) linedrawing around Warm Colour.
Lac shades on each petal of the Lotus seat
Applying White on the Body thinly delicatly several times
Illuminative Body shading ( Japanese call this KUMADORI ).
Sober Nepali Golden drops and Glittering Japanese Powder Gold.
Miniature Line work of Ray Radiation ( 'od 'phro )
Brocade Design, Put Auspicious Symbols on the Center Points.
Drawing Spiritual-Air-lines around the Center design.
Put Put Golden dots on Upper Green Cloth.
Detail Works on.
Decorative Line drawing on the Golden Nimbus.
Etching on the Golden surface with Onyx Pen tools.
Pale Azurite ( sngo se ) on the edge of the Upper Eyelids and Brows.
Indigo ( rams ) Finish touches on the Eyes, Yes, Put the Pupils.
Sacrid Syllables on the Body, Speech, Mind.
I Prefer Kotwali Bazar, Dharmsala above all. I Painted this there.
Pictured by Teruko Suzuki at Dharmsala, '92
All Rights Reserved.