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Palm Lander Ver.2.3 --- ZIP file

PalmLander support TaleLight !
TaleLight flash the red, when you crash.
It's very nice in a dark room with backlight on
and TaleLight Flashing :)
Try to play if having TaleLight.
It is said that it can enjoy TaleVibes, too.

!!! PalmLander does NOT support TaleLight on PalmOS 3.3 or 3.5 !!!


Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, PalmPilot Upgrade, Palm IIIe, Palm V,
and Visor Users (Palm OS 3.1 or under version):

If you already install ver 2.2 and enjoy the Palm Lander,
you don't have to install ver 2.3.
If you install lander.prc and PalmLander do not work,
please decompress the and install it.

Palm OS 3.3 and 3.5 Users:
PalmLander ver 2.3 works on Palm OS 3.3 and 3.5.
If you installed the old version,
please delete it and install lander.prc


This game is lunar landing simulation.

Control the lunar landing ship,
and land it on the base safety.

If the ship's speed too fast at landing,
the landing ship will crash.

Cases of GAME OVER
*the ship crash
*the ship is out of screen
*fuel is empty.

If you can landing, try next stage.
Clear many stage , and get high score.

Score is total of four bonus.
Time Bonus : Clear time
Stage Bonus : Stage number
Landing Bonus : Landing point
Safety Bonus : Landing speed

Tips for high score
"Clear time" is not so important.
Try to land on the base collectly (landing point)
and safety...slowly (landing speed).

### Please find Extra Bonus :)

How to control

Turn left Press [DATE] button
Turn right Press [ADDRESS] button
Throttle ON Press [TODO], [MEMO], [UP], [DOWN] button
Pause Tap screen

High Scores

Entry your score here.


Palm Lander is shareware(5$).
If you like it, please register.

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