Art sent to Japan in 2011
an art show of human triumph

after the quake, tsunami, nuclear falling, etc..


Call for Contributors.
There I am going to open a collaborative art space for saving earth, in this critical timing.
My intention under the hat is actually, (Stop Japanese child play on the earth!)
But I won't mention it any more. I'd like to welcome anybody on any side.
I'll be glad if you lead fellows to this site with your own wording.

Example achievements I did with some of you:

So please prepare
your 2D 3D art, photo, video, music, poem, etc., to send me or show me the URL.
From late-Apr 2011 through... maybe almost permanently I'll hold.
I also plan to show them off on the real field. Still everything in vague.

Atsuro Seto
webmaster @ distant-earth dot org

Abstract Mandala Complex 2001

Welcome to the Abstract Mandala Complex 2001,
This Gravity-free Art space, Growing away from any categorical religious mess.
Dancing, Flowering with or without any axis.
Send me your flower-photo, kaleidoscopic work, etc..
Anybody can join as a contributor.

Thank you, Love and Peace over again and again!!
(Click each image below for detail)

Atsuro Seto, April 2001


"Holy Virgin's Mandala"
Hubert Gerin

Congratulations for your works,

this "Holy Virgin's Mandala" which was conceived to European people to enter the deep world of Mandalas.



Hubert Gerin


Alain Corrigou


J'utilise la technique du "Air Brush" et du collage pour nous parler de l'unite dans la multiplicite; une vision multidimensionnelle de l'impermanence, un present: "d'ici a maintenant"*.The speaking voice of a silent god.


Alain Corrigou


"Guyha Tal" (secret lake)

A mandala of the Guyhasamaja, as if recently emerged, levitates above the surface of a secret lake. From the middle of the mandala, a luminescent vajra, bathed in rose-colored light, rises toward the emptiness of the sky.

Note: Mandala by A. Seto. Vajra cast by by unknown Tibetan metalsmith. Photography, vision and execution by H.R. Downs in Photoshop 6, lake scene in Terragen v0.8.



"Blues Delight"
Dave Orchid

~I started out with nothing.....I still have most of it left~

Dave Orchid

Hey.... Did ya check out my new website of my art at
Also check out my most recent T-shirt design at


"Keep the Faith"


from Bombay, India




Dave Mason

Do you have a soul?

Dave Mason



Enkoh Imakita

Japanese monk, Sculptor of Buddhist images.




"Learning Tibetan Grammer "
Bjorn Jacobsen

< The fastest way to learn Tibetan?

Bjorn Jacobsen
Karma Palden Tsering
Tibetan Computer Graphics
Tibetan Webart - Clipart - Software
The Tibetan Webhotel

May all beings experience the ultimate of happiness


"Five Jinas"
David E Litchfield

I have been working on small abstracts of the 5 jinas.

David E Litchfield


"Abstract Mandala Complex 2001"
Atsuro Seto

Invitation to the Abstract Mandala Complex 2001

Atsuro Seto

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