Hubert Gerin

"Holly Virgin Mandala"

Here, You can see, amongst others, the facades of the cathedrals :
Notre-Dame of Paris, Wells (G-B), Magdenburg (Germany), and Orvieto (Italy).
They symbolise the four doors oriented according to the typology of the tantric diagrams. (especially Akshobya's Mandala)

The angels represent the incessant movements of our dual emotions :
Beginning at 12 o'clock : ownership - generosity, jaleousy - compassion, anger - selfcontrol, intellectualism - clearsightedness, devotion - sublimation, pride - will, desire - love,...
(You can observe that the higher sphere is more concern with body world, moving towards the lower sphere of the spirit world )

(Drawing coloured with acrylics)


Hubert Gerin

He is a belgian professional illustrator influenced by far eastern Art and particularly by Buddhism.
He's made several book covers like History of Indian Buddhism by E.Lamotte,
and some frescoes in Buddhist Temples in Paris and Bruxelles.
He's now lecturer in University of Liege (Belgium) on Chinese and Japanese Art,

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