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International Buddhist Art Festival '98
the Theme: Bodhichitta
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Guest Artist:
H. R. Downs (from California, Disciple of Master Au Leshey)
Adios my Samurai-thanka-painting tomodachi! And thank you very much for
your kind words and for asking me to exhibit some of my pictures on your
wonderful Web site! Arigato-gozaimas!
1.  "FREE400" is a "Free Tibet" poster I did a long time ago. I took
the photograph of HH Dalia Lama at his home in Dharmsala in 1989 (only two
months before the Tian An Men massacre in Beijing and the crackdown in Tibet).
2.  "Mahbhodi Liftoff-108" is a picture of the Mahabhodi temple in
Bhodgaya blasting off into space from a United States Air Force Delta
rocket launching pad. Sunyata? Outer space?

Echo in the tree
Atsuro Seto

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