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 Michael Tcherepanov

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07-01. Buddha / Michael Tcherepanov


07-02. Mandarava / Michael Tcherepanov


07-03. Avalokitesvara / Michael Tcherepanov


07-04. Garuda / Michael Tcherepanov


07-05. Dragon / Michael Tcherepanov


 Michael Tcherepanov

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from Russia.



(ink, pen, watercolour on paper)

Michael Tcherepanov was born in Saint Petersburg in 1962.
Since childhood, he was a student of Arts School. In 1985,
he graduated from the Moscow Architecture  Institute,
where he studied painting, drawing, as well as theory and history of architecture.

" For the artist, variety is the manifestation of unity and,
vice versa, any single thing is the expression of all things.
The multiplicity of the world manifests as one - this is a live action of the marvel of world energy."

"The images arise involuntarily, by themselves.
Everything that manifests spontaneously in this state of unity reflects the unique instant.
All defects and imprecision are merely signs of the moment."

"The artist's work is only the visual symbol of the world.
The artist spontaneously creates the universe. He manifests it."

"The signs of the live energy movement, the internal proportion of this energy,
its flowing out and its manifestations become the artist's works."


Personal Exhibitions

1990 - State Conservatory of P.I. Tchaikovsky and Moscow Cultural Foundation (Moscow).
1991 - Municipal Public Library of Nekrasov (Moscow).
1991 - 1993 - permanent exhibition and collaboration with the Rubens Gallery (Moscow).
1997 - "The World of Chimeras" : The House of Europe, "Author's television" and German Gallery (Moscow).
1997 - "Chimeras and Time" : The State Humanitarian Centre "Prieodolieniye" (Moscow).
1998 - "Inner East" : The State Museum of the East (Moscow).

Group Exhibitions

1991 - Paintings and graphics :
            The House of Artists at Kuznietsky Most ; Gallery Triglit (Moscow) ; the Museum "Kunst und Museumkreis" - Bad Essen (Germany)
1994.- Project "Art belongs to the People" : State Centre of Contemporary Art and Soros Centre of Contemporary Art (Moscow)
1997 - "Eastern Patterns" : the Kino Gallery (Moscow)
1998 - The Central House of Artists 98 : Moscow Art Fair (Moscow)
1998.- "Inner Weather" : Ridge Street Gallery (New York - USA)
1999 - Paintings & graphics : Moscow Business Plaza Gallery (Moscow)

Michael Tcherepanov is a winner of the International Arts Competition Sabukores and Fukuoka Soken (Japan)
and the competition of the "Khudozhestviennyi Soviet" magazine (1998).
His works are in private and corporate collections in Japan, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Russia and other countrie

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Abstract Mandal Complex 2000

Don't forget each art belongs to the artist.
When you touch, Do contact with the artist.

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