TUNE BASSの基本スペックをすべておさえ、エキゾティックウッドの持つ特有のサウンドキャラクターをプラスしたTWX Standard。

TWX-6 Standard PD

TWX-8 Standard PD
The flag ship model of entire Tune product line.
TWX Standard fits any style of music with characteristic tonal variations achieved
from body wood combinations and reliable electronics.
To fit any playing style, complete options of 4-5-6, and 8 string models are available.

TWX-5 Standard WN

TWX Standard Series
TWX-4 Standard 260,000円(税別価格)/【税込価格286,000円】
TWX-5 Standard 290,000円(税別価格)/【税込価格319,000円】
TWX-6 Standard 310,000円(税別価格)/【税込価格341,000円】
TWX-8 Standard 390,000円(税別価格)/【税込価格429,000円】

TWX series features all bassic TUNE quality specs with options of attractive exotic woods and 4,5,6,8 strings variations. SPECIFICATIONS

Core:Soft maple
Bolt-on 3 or 4 pieces laminate hard maple
24 frets ebony fingerboard
Master volume,Pickup balancer
Treble:+17dB/-17dB at 8kHz
Middle:+12dB/-12dB at 350Hz
Bass:+15dB/-15dB at 90Hz
Trim of PCB:Neck side pickup gain trimmer
Bridge side pickup gain trimmer
Notch filter trimmer -20dB at 850Hz
Machines:Gotoh GB-7B or GB-7GG
/GB-707 2006~

Pickups:SWS-4H for 4,5 and 8strings
SWS-6H for 6strings
Bridges:B-4B,B-5B,B-6B and ZB-8GG